Our Featured Artists Thank You for Being Here.

Our Featured Artists Thank You for Being Here.

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Tony Mix has not yet contributed the $35 needed to claim his page...

PrisonArtWare.com provides this entire page for Shane's use as his own personal mini website. On it, he can:

Sell personal items

Sell art and crafts

Sell writing, books, or poetry

Share education triumphs

Gain support for legal battles

Publish a Blog

Send and receive emails...

...the sky is the limit.

Scroll down and take a look at this page that's already reserved just for Shane Mathuely. If you feel it would help him to realize his goals and ambitions, help  out now by giving any sum towards the low yearly cost of just $35. Pay $1 or pay it all, and we will notify Shane of your contribution, or you can remain anonymous..the choice is yours.

PrisonArtWare.com is the only socially responsible prison art portal on the internet. There's not even a copycat attempting to do what you are seeing now.


Everything below this line is what visitors to Tony's Featured Artist Page will see once it is populated with his work and goes live. NEW for 2020: FREE YouTube channel!